10+ Years R&D Experience Innovative Design Efficient Production Quality Assurance
10+ Years R&D Experience
In 2018
CWINDISK launched the brand "CWINDISK" in response to market demand and joined Alibaba's third-party platform. to date.
In 2017
In order to establish a brand promotion strategy, Yunze divided the U disk, memory card and memory products into Shenzhen CWINDISK Technology Co., Ltd. to develop and serve the international market.
In 2015
Yunze joined the memory line production line to improve the storage industry product line.
Yunze vigorously promoted SSD solid state drives and produced U disk and SD card products.
In 2012
Yunze launched its own brand “FENGLEI Fenglei” digital products in response to market demand.
In 2011
Yunze's output increased sharply, occupying 75% of the first-line U disk manufacturers market, and Taiwan's 80% SD card market.
In 2009
Yunze established an OEM, ODM SSD solid state drive production line for production.
In 2006
The increase of SD card production vigorously promote Yunze market share of u disk and SD card, occupying 50% of the first-line U disk manufacturers market.factory area has expanded to 4,000 square meters, with more than 500 employees and 10 advanced production lines.
In 2005
Yunze factory was established to produce u disk and SD card as well as OEM & ODM services.
In 2004
Shenzhen Yunze Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, and its main products are U disk and SD card storage products.
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@2017 AII rights Shenzhen Cwindisk Technology Co., Ltd.
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