USB Flash Drive: 2 years

DDR Ram: 1 year

SD cards & TF cards: 1 year

SSD Enclosure: 1 year

※ Adjustable for OEM/ODM.

RAM Scope & Procedure

RAM Scope & Procedure

A.Products damage is caused by hardware faults, functional faults and manufacturing faults under correct operation.
B. Following conditions are not within our RMA scope:
1. Products are not supplied by CWINDISK.
2. Damaged products are beyond warranty period.
3. Warranty label inside our product has been removed.

4. Devices have been changed by the third parties, which are not authorized by CWINDISK.
5. Defects are resulted from improper operation, accidents, or other conditions.

All products with defects and within our RMA scope should be sent to us for checking and confirmation. 

If not, CWINDISK will not be responsible for product reparation or replacement.

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Other important items

Other important items

CWINDISK has independent reparation and replacement rights for defected all digital products.Digital products will be replaced with that of same capacity and specification. but not responsible for data loss and dummy during reparation.

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